Retirement Plan Administration
WPG offers clients full service administration, including compliance with ERISA’s annual reporting and disclosure requirements and nondiscrimination testing for all qualified plans. Our employee benefits staff works closely with your accountant and financial advisors to ensure that filing deadlines are met, contributions are determined properly and timely deposited, and plan participants receive accurate benefit statements.
Summary of Plan Administrative Services
  • Recordkeeping
  • Asset Reconciliation and Trust Accounting
  • Valuation Reports and Individual Employee Benefit Statements
  • Form 5500 Series and Related Schedules
  • Summary Annual Report
  • Non-Discrimination Testing Under 401(k) & 401(m), and 401(a)(4)
  • Compliance with Minimum Participation and Minimum Coverage Rules
  • Top-Heavy Determination
  • Benefit Determinations
  • Administrative Forms
  • Participant Loan Documentation
  • Plan Distribution Forms
Plan Design & Implementation
Plan Administration
Legal Services
IRS & DOL Voluntary Correction
Estate & Income Tax Analysis
Investment Services